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Mar 04, 2010


oh cori, i understand more than you know, especially about happy times ending up to be crazy emotional times. god gave people like us cats for a reason: they are such a blessing. i had a couple of similar experiences where i had to get rid of huckleberry earlier than i was expecting too and i cried myself to sleep. then, when we moved into our new apartments, we weren't allowed to take her then. again, lots of crying (i seriously wondered if ministry was worth giving up my cat). and then, our apartment managers said we could have a cat as long as they didn't know about it (turns out they smuggled in their own feline friend). anyways, all this to say that you are not crazy and jesus loves cats too but he loves you even more and i personally love it that you can be so honest.

Thanks Danielle. Your understanding helps more than you know. I feel so silly, really, getting so emotional about everything. I know other friends who have had to move to other states when they got married, or heck other cities even!- and it was hard to leave family, friends, comfort and the familiar. I will still be close to friends, family, my favorite grocery store. I don't want to play the "comparison game" to belittle my feelings either, so its hard. I will just trust Jesus with it all... and know that even if I feel very vulnerable right now, others have made it, with or without a cat. Heck, some crazy people don't even like cats!

Oh Cori... cry if you want to :) I am most definitely not a cat person, but I was (and may some day be again) a horse person... but they couldn't come and live with us in the apartment in California. It was hard... so, so hard. It may be the late pregnancy hormones, but I'm crying about it again right now. Truthfully, while the love you have for an animal can't compare with the love you have for your child, it was the absolute closest thing I knew at the time. I felt like I was abandoning them, my kids. Be gentle with yourself about this. God gave you the sensitive heart you have for a reason :)

Thank you Megan! I love what you said about being gentle with myself. Almost like allowing oneself to go through the natural grieving process. I am sure my emotions are nutso too. Dave's been great dealing with me crying all the time. I know he wishes he could fix it all and make it all better.

I remember when you moved to California, and thinking specifically about you and the horses and how it would be hard to be separated. I am sorry you had to cry again! Thanks for the encouraging words Megan and I am so excited for your new little one!

First of all, I'm so excited that you guys are going to cook for a date night! Those are alway smy favorite dates. Its just so nice to work on a meal together and then sit down and enjoy it. If you've never been to Tastespotting.com , its a great resource filled with TONS of recipes. You'll find something unique for sure.

Second of all. Oh my gosh, I would flip out if I had to get rid of my cat penelope. I often wondered what would happen if I had married someone that is allergic to cats. I moved my cat up with me from California. Just her and I, in a car for 3 days. She's been my saving grace as I struggled with sadness and wondering if I was supposed to be in Portland. Anyway, I feel your pain. Its not stupid at all. I would be a total wreck if I had to give her up. It hasn't happened yet, but you never know what life will throw at you!

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