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Jun 04, 2009


Good luck on your hunting! It is a brave new world when you live on your own. Personally I would check out Vancouver. I love it up there. Also I lived in some apts in Gresham for 3 years. They were called Town Fair and were just off Division right by the newer shopping center. They were nice and were priced pretty well. Keep us informed on how it all goes.

move this way! It is way more fun! It takes all the work out of the adventure, it's not were you go any more, it becomes where you live...awesome!

Joe: thanks. Vancouver is a possibility-- if I can get past the commute. Driving the bridge everyday? :) I don't know. hehe.

Korrin: lol. always an adventure... i am hunting... that means i am looking to the possibilities too. an easy commute is pretty high up on the want list!

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