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Sep 16, 2008


I love what you say about dating and the fun things you've learned from those experiences and trying new things. But what ran through my mind as I read was that all of these neat experiences and more could have been done with friends, eliminating all the heartache and ill thoughts toward someone who was once a significant part of your life.

Also, there should be a follow up post of all the fun things you've brought into the other person's life. I have a feeling that you had a lot more to offer these boys than they had to offer you. :)

Oh Natalie, I have learned FAR MORE from friends! I was just thinking... y'know to adopt the glass is half empty/half full motto-- there's got to be way to be more optimistic post relationship mistakes. Obviously (I hope) I don't recommend going into what is guaranteed to be bad deal just for a book recommendation or a new outfit.

I am sure I brought tons into their lives. Will have to ponder that one for a bit, it could be a good exercise in appreciating what I have to offer to others-- men or otherwise.

Thanks for the comment. (See people! If the Caminiti sisters can comment, so can you!)

Oh and really I don't regret any of these relationships. And even the heartache and ills toward them were short-lived in the grand scheme of things. Of course I have the benefit of never having my heart truly being ripped out and trampled on. I've lived a relatively happy, safe dating life where I can walk away and see the benefits. And I do think its worth it. I think anytime I put myself out there and challenge the fears I hold inside... then I am going to grow and be stronger for it.

nat, just because dating can have negative repercussions doesn't mean that it should be avoided entirely. (well in cori's case, not yours. I have to protect my sis ;) ha ha) There is a level of risk in all things that are good.

Cori, I'm very proud of you for posting this blog, and focusing on all the good. It was a fabulous read. and you're an amazingly gifted writer.

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