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Mar 18, 2008


I think that God has given you a "marriage pile" because you have the heart and soul and passion to inspire others with their relationships. You are so funny - I love reading your blog, and love hearing about what you are doing at the marriage ministry at your church!

God piled "marriage" on me my whole life. Even as a single gal, I was counseling newlyweds and nearlyweds (and definitely feeling a bit in the deep end of the pool!)

Now, after seven years of marriage, I realize that I was being trained for this: Engaging Discussions.com and The Marriage Experience.

That brochure landed in your box for a reason. I'd love to chat with you and share our passion for engaged and newly-married couples. Our programming is effective and fun, giving couples solid tools to make their marriages stronger, safer, and deeper.

You are an awesome writer. I love your heart, and your blog! K

Kelly Baker, Founder
Engaging Discussions.com

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